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Past Events

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The Road to Freedom

What an incredible afternoon! Thank you Matt Friedman of The Mekong Club for sharing your moving message on modern day slavery and helping us understand the magnitude of this urgent humanitarian issue. Special thanks to Sylvia Friedman, the author of "Silenced No More", for helping us to better understand the history behind Comfort Women during WW2 and the injustice they suffer to this day! BIG THANKS to bandoneon superstar, JP Jofre and pianist Pablo Cafici for joining me and for contributing their incredible musical talents for this great cause! Click for More 

The School of St Jude

Concert for a Cause is proud to support, The School of St Jude is based in Tanzania Africa. It was founded in 2002 by a 22 year old Australian, Gemma Sisia, with the goal of providing a free high quality education to the poorest and brightest children, and to nurture future community and business leaders in East Africa. The school has grown with help from a global group of sponsors, now supports over 1800 students spread over three campuses today. Poverty in Tanzania is endemic. Tanzania is unable to provide its children with a quality education. In Africa, girls are often considered second class citizens and many families believe that it is a waste of time educating them, putting a lot of pressure on girls to drop out of school. St Jude’s firmly believes in the equal opportunities and education of girls.  Click for More 

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The Mekong Club

What an inspiring and an eye-opening afternoon as we listened to Matt Friedman, the founder of THE MEKONG CLUB, speak on the topic of a shameful business in slavery and human trafficking by greedy corporations. It's shocking and purely evil and we must spread this awareness to save the littles girls and boys from being exploited. For More Information about their work, please check out their website and support.  Click for More 

What an unforgettable evening. Thank you to all those who generously supported Concert for Cause Gala 2015. It was a huge success and a very special evening to showcase 5 very meaningful local charities:

1. Arts with the Disabled 

2. Children's Medical Foundation 

3. Missione Possibile 

4. New Sight Congo 

5. The Mekong Club 

An immense gratitude goes to Maestro Andrea  Morricone, the masterful composer of the beloved “Love Theme” from Cinema Paradiso –for specially arranging all the wonderful timeless masterpieces of cinema music for the program.

Concert for Cause Gala HK
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What an amazing evening with members of the Italian Women's Association! We are very humbled by the works of Gerry Testori of Missione Possibile to help the precious children of Cambodia. I feel blessed to make a difference in the world through the power of music. Special thanks to Michela Bardotti, the President of the Italian Women's Association for her support in creating this Concert.

Italian Women's Association

One of the most rewarding experiences in my 9 years in Hong Kong was to get connected to ADAHK and to work with the gifted brothers, Lee Hin and Lee Shin. Through their unwavering love for music (even with their physical barriers) I was humbled and they have inspired me to truly embrace my music once again. This inspiration has helped me to create an anchor in my life and now I use music as a tool to contribute to others in any way I can. I believe that God puts people in our lives for His will to be done. Thank you so much Lee Hin and Lee Shin for your humble service in music and shining the way for me when I was in search of my purpose. Seunghee Lee, Founder of Concert for a Cause

Arts with the Disabled Association HK
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Children's Medical Foundation

Concert for Cause is proud to support the Children's Medical Foundation. The mission of the Children's Medical Foundation (CMF) is to develop and implement sustainable health care solutions for children in Asia, with a focus on helping underprivileged children

By establishing collaborative partnerships and institutional linkages, CMF provides capacity building initiatives to bring accessible health care to rural communities and to strengthen primary care and community health in Asia. The Children's Medical Foundation (CMF) was established in 1995 (as Project HOPE Hong Kong) as a part of the US charitable organization Project HOPE, a non-profit international health education foundation.

New Sight Congo 

New Sight Eye Care was founded by husband and wife medical professionals - Joyce Wong is a Hong Kong-born family doctor; Henri Samoutou is a senior ophthalmic technician with surgical skills. In 2006-2008, the couple successfully developed a non-profit eye centre in Gabon, Africa, which is now self-funded and continues to help over 6000 patients every year. In 2012, the Samoutous uprooted their family of five to pioneer the FIRST AND ONLY non-profit eye surgical centre in northern Republic of Congo, Africa, where 54% of the population lives in absolute poverty i.e. below USD1 a day. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 4 in 5 people who are blind are needlessly blind - their blindness is preventable or treatable. Click for More 

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